Grace Cole is a beauty brand like no other.  Let us whisk you away to a world full of luxurious bath and body treats, evocative fragrances laced with delicious and indulgent ingredients and home gifts that look as exquisite as they smell… all lovingly made in England and wonderfully affordable.

Our mission: to deliver a moment of grown-up glamour into your home, every single day.  Welcome to our collection.  We hope you fall deeply in love with it.


Grace Cole is the story of a pipe dream that transformed into a global beauty phenomenon.  Founder Tracy Mort, MBE, had been working with beauty gifting brands manufactured overseas.  She knew she could bring luxury bath, body and home beauty craftsmanship to the UK, allowing her to focus on stunning packaging and exquisite fragrances.  The seed was sown.  it had to happen.  In 2007, her star was born.  Today, Grace Cole offers a collection of bath, body and home products that are wonderfully affordable and a sensorial pleasure to use.  Ranging from decadent hand washes and velvety body creams to glamorous body sprays and sumptuously scented candles, each Grace Cole product is lovingly crafted in England and looks as stunning as it smells.  From our humble kitchen table, we are honored to be in your home.


Grace Cole is pure, unapologetic luxury filled with scented moments of grown-up glamour, every day.

Those scented moments are what define Grace Cole.  We understand the transformative power of a delicious fragrance and the ritualistic pleasure of bathing in beautiful perfume.  It can soothe and invigorate, arouse and captivate, and our skill in blending and contrasting scents is what sets us apart.  We believe in perfection and set ourselves standards to bring you the most delectable products imaginable.  We use the best ingredients from home grown English manufacturers.  We balance the most delicious perfume accords to smell unique and addictive.  We obsess over textures, colour palettes and presentation.  And we can’t wait for you to discover us.


We make every day a special occasion.  Because we work tirelessly to bring you luxury products at fantastically affordable recipes, it means you can indulge in a Grace Cole scented moment without agonising about expense.  We are incredibly proud of our superb prices; it was one of our founding principles and we will continue to keep that promise.

Our ‘why not’ attitude.  Why not envelope your skin in cashmere-warm vanilla and steamy sweet jasmine every single morning?  Why not light a rich, sumptuous candle and fill your home with plumes of glowing amber and deep sandalwood on a weekday evening?  Why not gift a friend a beautifully fresh and fruit-drenched hand care duo, just because you love them?  We relish everyday extravagance!

Experience the Grace Cole magnetism every day, any time, all year round.


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