Our products are all proudly made in England without compromise, formulated and crafted with great care and expertise.

When Tracy dreamt up Grace Cole, one of her priorities was to bring all production and manufacture back to England.  She spent years shaping vital relationships with English fragrance specialists, packaging designers and creative minds to make this happen, and we proudly continue those pathways in the future of Grace Cole.

Grace Cole has been bestowed many honours and awards throughout our journey, amongst those was the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise, the UK’s highest accolade recognising business success for International Trade.

We are thrilled to bring a slice of English luxury and affordable glamour to over 85 countries throughout the world

Delivering the very best of English luxury.


First impressions are what we pride ourselves on at Grace Cole.  We know what’s inside is delicious, addictive, beautifully crafted and high quality… but it’s what’s on the outside that needs to tempt you in.

Our iconic packaging has the ultimate must-have effect.  Glossy, smooth bottles and tubes that fit generously in your palms – not too big, not too small.  Embossed logos that glint with glamour and opulence.

Our signature iconic tassel, delicate ribbon scarves, modern motifs and our elegant bottles are just some of the touches that make Grace Cole so special.  The rest is about how it makes you feel.  Our goal is to empower you with moments of self-indulgent pleasure every day, flooding your world with fragrances that evoke treasured memories and inspire new ones, and adorning your world with pure elegance that you can’t help but share with loved ones.

Because we all deserve to feel pampered and special every day.


With over a decade of English pride and quality craftsmanship behind us, we have achieved a level of influence never thought possible.

A Grace Cole product has instant visual allure and reassuring familiarity.  Thes two assets create consumer power like no other, which is why we have reached millions of homes.

Our brand was built on integrity, hard work and high standards.  Combined with out stunning packaging, supreme detailing and exquisite wardrobe of fragrances, we have become a symbol of approachable elegance, modern glamour and affordable luxury.

We hope to be in your world soon.


Each one of our products is produced with our purpose in mind. Bringing a touch of indulgence to your every day. Enhancing your body and beauty routine and enlightening your senses. From shower products to nourishing lotions, our collections are widely renowned for their pampering properties and sumptuous scents.

We at Grace Cole are Against Animal Testing, and our products proudly bare the symbol to indicate this, in compliance with European Law, Regulation (EC) 1223/2009.


Whilst we can’t solve the world’s green issues, we can and will play our part and make mindful decisions towards sustainability, recycling and ethical standards.

We are constantly researching and making mindful decisions towards sustainability, recycling, ethical standards and ingredients.  We are extremely conscious of the clean beauty movement and take this into consideration when formulating our products.  As of 2020, all our daily care brands will be reformulated to be Vegan and our scrubs, which are already eco-friendly, will use a gentle, natural exfoliator made from white rice, a by-product of the rice production industry. 

We continually research and update our existing products with new developments and emerging trends in the market.


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